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Simple, Affordable and Integrated

StationStok™ is an easy and intuitive inventory tracker that integrates with the NarcBox™ and AssetTrak™.

(Oh, and a very attractive price tag.)

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  • Expiration Date Monitoring
  • Unlimited Checklists
  • NarcTrak Integration
  • Vendor Integrations
  • Budget & Grants Manager

Look how easy this is

We understand medical professionals want simple software that is easy to use and saves time.

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Rapid Rig Check-Off

Scan sealed compartments and inventory items and fly through your rig check-offs. Missing items are shifted for fulfillment and re-order.

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Rig Restock

Quickly scan what you need, tap a quantity and go. Quick rig restocks no longer throw off the station inventory.

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Station Restock

Request inventory from the warehouse just like the rig restocks. All restocking quantities are sent to the HQ for speedy re-ordering.

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Order all items needed across your department with one click. Quickly see the lowest price and pick the right vendor.

Here’s how we do it:


Faster ordering

Welcome to easy!

Getting supplies ahead of when you need them, but without stock piling working capital on your shelves, StationStok™ has intentionally designed our software to be only a few clicks for field personnel. This will help to ensure they’re entering the necessary information to get orders placed when you need them.

Alerts on low par levels, missing inventory check off procedures, and notifications of pending expiring medications keeps you in control.

Our integrations with many vendors further enhances your visibility into when orders ship, backorders, substitution options, and identifying your lowest available costs.

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Inside compartments of a fire response vehicle


Rapid rig check-offs

Scan sealed compartments to fly through rig check-offs in minutes. Any quantities under par levels are forwarded to your ordering manager for ordering. Really, it’s just that easy.


Unlimited Reporting

StationStok™ has unlimited reporting to help you get important information to your CEO or City Council in just a few clicks.

Our free Budget and Grant monitoring modules help you stay compliant with notifications along the way.

Inventory management paperwork
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Who loves paperwork?

Ditch the clipboards, spreadsheets, whiteboards, emails, texts, and post-its. Any inventory-related communication or record you are currently keeping is automatically done in StationStok™. (And probably a few cool things you aren’t doing.)