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The NarcBox

Next-level security & peace of mind.

Meet the only out-of-pharmacy narcotic storage solution and integrated software that exceeds DEA requirements while being super easy to use.

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The Hardware Lineup

The HQ Control Panel and the HQ Locker
The NarcBox
The NarcBox XL

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Our third generation NarcBox made with aircraft-grade aluminum supports RFID Vial Tracking™ and Pouch Tracking, with RFID access cards and optional Biometric Fingerprint Sensor. Made for emergency vehicles and mountable in multiple directions.

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The NarcBox XL has all the secure and integrated features of the NarcBox, with an extended frame that doubles the storage inside. Store 2 RFID Drug Pouches or use our XL RFID Drug Pouch.

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The NarcBox HQ is designed to provide Narcotic security at your base of operations or main resupply center. The integration of the NarcBox HQ into your system provides true cradle-to-grave tracking from the minute a controlled substance enters your organization until it is administered to a patient.

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Up to 6 HQ Lockers are controlled by the HQ Control Panel. Access to each locker is recorded and you can audit individual lockers via the HQ Control Panel.

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NarcTrak Pro

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Industry-leading mobile reporting and peace of mind.

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Alerts and Notifications

Customize your alerts and be notified the second events transpire.

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Medication Inventory

Total visibility across the entire organization of your meds.

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Temperature Monitoring

Track and be notified of temperature changes that could compromise your medications.


Alerts & Notifications

Always be in the loop

NarcTrak Pro™ leads the industry in continuous, real-time visibility of the information you need. Whether you want to deter diversion, be in the know about medication use, or take action when something seems off, our powerful alerts keep you in the loop, wherever you are.

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Choose your alerts

Over 50K medical professionals using NarcTrak™ have helped us build over 30 critically needed alerts. But, you don’t have to drown in notifications. You can customize your alerts to be just the updates you need and nothing more.

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Powerful Reporting

NarcBox™ provides industry leading, real-time reporting of medication events and user activity and adds data analytics features weekly.

  • Shift change & audit
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Shift change and audit
  • Medication history
  • Medication usage by user
  • Medications by location
  • Expired and expiring medications
  • Medication monthly usage
  • Medications removed
  • Many more…

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Robust & Flexible Access Security

Emergency technicians carrying equipment

Multiple User Authentication

You have the flexibility to allow a single person to access, log med use, perform an inventory, OR you can require a two-person login and authentication to perform such tasks.

People using the NarcBox with keycards

Flexible Access Options

You can provide any user with any combination of NarcBox access, including a fingerprint scan, a five-digit PIN, or an RFID keycard / FOB.

Why People Choose NarcBox™

We are always curious as to what makes our customers go with us. Here are some of the things we hear:

+“It came down to the cost…”

“In the end, it wasn’t a hard decision because we couldn’t find a competitor that could do everything you do and the closest competitor was way more.”

+“For us it was the communication…”

“In our department the biggest headache was always all the clipboards, spreadsheets, post-its, emails and text messages. Every time someone tried fixing the system, the more complicated it got.

Not only did the NarcBox system improve a huge part”

+“It had to be easy to setup…”

“Our department desperately needed a solution, but whatever it ended up being, if it wasn’t easy to setup and start using, we would not use it. Period. We just don’t have any spare man power to learn a complicated system.”

+“It’s just easy to use…”

“We have tried to make changes before. I don’t know what it is about firefighters but if you don’t make it easy, it’s not going to work out. We knew the system we needed would have to be simple and intuitive. We could see at the demo phase that NarcBox was, by far, the simplest solution.”

+“We needed a future-proof solution…”

“We have been down the road of buying an expensive system that was outdated in just a few years. We had no idea we were buying a system that had such a short shelf life. The replacement cost was so expensive it actually made more sense to change to NarcBox.”

+“Temperature monitoring was cool…”

“To be honest, the temperature monitoring feature wasn’t what ultimately sold us, but when we saw the temp reporting it was evident that EMS Logik understood the problems we deal with and the way we work.”