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Best-in-class narcotic storage. Inventory and asset management options. One invoice. We make this easy.

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The EMS Logik Ecosystem

These three industry-leading products were built from years of customer feedback and testing. We will continue to listen to the challenges of medical professionals and deliver solutions in AI and other technologies as the industry evolves.



Hardware integrated with NarcTrak™ software for total narcotic visibility across your HQ, vehicles, and stations.



Powerful, secure, and easy-to-use inventory management built for medical professionals.

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AssetTrak™ is an intuitive vehicle and asset manager that integrates with NarcBox™ and StationStok™.
Coming 2024

Most popular products

True narcotic security and speedy reporting require a wide range of tools that work together and integrate with your reporting software.

The HQ Control Panel
RFID Security Seals
The NarcBox
RFID Medication Tags
The HQ Locker
RFID Drug Pouch

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Top 6 reasons medical professionals choose NarcBox™

Over 90% of medical professionals who see the NarcBox™ system, end up buying. Here’s why they go with us:

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Hardware and software

HQ and field drug visibility in real-time. RFID med tracking. Text and email alerts. Welcome to peace of mind.

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Powerful reporting

View or export hundreds of custom or pre-built reports and track your medications from cradle to grave.

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Access Control

Customize your security for multiple access options using RFID keycards, biometrics, or 5-digit PINs.

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Temperature Monitoring

Prevent the degradation of drug efficacy with real-time temperature monitoring and temperature history reports.

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Surpass DEA requirements and actually feel excited to be audited. That’s how you run your department.

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The NarcBox™ system and any add-ons you select are the most affordable solutions on the market. We won’t be beat on price or value.

Want peace of mind?

Having a deterrent in place is the #1 way of avoiding a diversion. Medications are accessible in every system, so nothing is diversion-proof. However, the NarcBox™ data trail and alerts make a diversion transparent. This deterrent is the comfort and peace of mind you need.

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Narcotic Abuse

Avoid Tragedy and protect your team members and their families with the level of narcotic security that brings peace of mind.

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Handle a DEA audit or state inspection with confidence. Export all reports needed in a matter of minutes.

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Cradle – Grave Tracking

Medication delivery, receiving, movement, administration, or waste, are all tracked and logged in real-time.

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Narcotic History

In addition to powerful, to-the-second, real-time reporting, you get accurate, easy-to-read historical reports for as long as you have used NarcBox™.

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Cluttered record keeping

Ditch the spreadsheets, clipboards, emails, and texts and focus on your other priorities as NarcTrak™ stores and automates it all for you.

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Financial responsibility

Stop wasting money on expired meds and mismanaged inventory. See your expiring items and communicate to assure these are used next.


Our process

Too busy to schedule a demo? Are you curious about all the steps from the demo, to actually using it? We’ve made this part very simple.

Demo & Quote

Demo & Quote

The first step is a live demo with one of our product specialists. We spend about 10 minutes showing off the core functionality. The rest of the time is yours to ask specific questions about your department so we can envision how it’s all going to come together. We will deliver your quote on the same day.

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NarcBox™ is made in the US. Most orders ship in about 2 weeks following a signed purchase order. Shipments arrive with quick-start guides and clear next steps into training. We make the process simple every step of the way.

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Once your NarcBoxes and hardware package arrive, it’s time to schedule training. We offer flexible on-site and virtual training options that work for you. Over 95% of new agencies know how to use their NarcBoxes after training and rarely ever need to call support.

Firemen sitting in circle and taking a break form difficult day.


Our world-class support team is right here, in Utah, next to our manufacturing facility and engineering department. When you call us, a real human answers. When you buy NarcBox™ you get more than the best product. You get the best training and support.

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Two easy ways to start

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Departmental communication around narcotic control increases efficiency with the NarcBox™ system. Replace all the clipboards, spreadsheets, text messages, emails, and post-its.

All of the following communication is always stored for you:

  • Log med use
  • Shift change
  • Inventory audit
  • Add new medications
  • Log med disposal

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Over 6,000 NarcBoxes are currently securing ALS narcotics.

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Over 50,000 professionals trust over 6,000 NarcBoxes in the field to ensure security, communication, and DEA compliance.

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Need grant assistance?

If you are ready to purchase a NarcBox™ system but waiting on budget changes or other financial roadblocks, let us know. We can assist you with finding a grant

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Trusted by:

Eric Hales - Fire Chief, Wasatch Fire

From a risk…to a strength

“Implementing the NarcTrak™ system has brought structure to our controlled substance policy and made what I considered our biggest risk into our strength.”

Eric Hales

Fire Chief, Wasatch Fire

Christopher Way - Chief Officer, Kootenai Fire

Security and…accountability

“NarcTrak™ provides the security and 24-hour accountability that is a necessity for ALS response and transport agencies.”

Christopher Way

Chief Officer, Kootenai Fire

Gabriel Benmoussa - Fire Chief, Milton Fire Dept.

Peace of mind…

“The peace of mind alone made implementing NarcTrak worth it. Never in a million years did I think I’d get away from [paper} initial logs.”

Gabriel Benmoussa

Fire Chief, Milton Fire Dept.