Simple, Affordable and Integrated

StationStok™ is an easy and intuitive inventory tracker that integrates with the NarcBox™ and AssetTrak™.

(Oh, and a very attractive price tag.)

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We understand medical professionals want simple software that is easy to use and saves time.

Here's how we do it:


Here are more ways StationStok™ improves your daily workflow:

I can't view all my inventory in real time

If you can't see your inventory across your department in real-time you are always at a disadvantage. You will never have control of your inventory, and ability to report accurately on one of the biggest costs in your department.

StationStok™ gives you a birds-eye view of each and every item in your inventory and powerful reporting needed to make inventory management fool-proof. With StationStok™ all of this falls into place with less effort than you are doing now.

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Keeping products lists updates is challenging

Do you deal with frustrating discrepancies between the items your stations have, want, and are able to order? These road blocks cause unnecessary roadblocks to running a smooth inventory.

StationStok™ is the solution to product list chaos by automatically updating your product lists, every day, directly from the vendors you order from.

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Tracking grants and budgets is challenging

Can you attribute your ordering to specific budgets and grants without hiring a full-time bookkeeper?

StationStok™ makes it easy because StationStok™ isn't just your inventory management, it's also where you place your orders. That means it's easy to order from Budget A, Budget B, or Grant X at the moment you submit your order. StationStok™ makes the work of three admins a piece of cake for just a single person.

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Our inventory reporting could be a lot better

Are you prepared if your Chief requests quarterly reports on inventory consumption or waste, per station, per rig, or per personnel? How long would it take you to prepare such a stack of reports? How much tedious work is needed to always be prepared with rock-solid data like this?

In StationStok™ this reporting foundation doesn't take a single ounce of extra effort and we don't charge you extra for it.

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Some stations are better with their inventory than others

If you have stations where inventory is managed a little differently and everyone puts their unique twist on the records they log, save and communicate and you're expected to deal with it, you aren't alone. Unfortunately operational inconsistency often leads to technical and even morale problems.

StationStok™ is not just a great inventory tool, it also gets everyone on the same page because there is no way to deviate or pencil whip. As long as everyone does their rig check-offs and restocks properly, the ordering requests flow upstream to you, you approve and inventory is air-tight across your department. It really is that easy.

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Inventory audits are always off

Inventory discrepancies following an audit should rarely happen. They are the chasm between your department's responsible and efficient operations and ongoing waste and frankensteined systems. StationStok™ is the bridge that solves these problems with no additional efforts on your part and the cool part is, StationStok™ is designed to work the way you work.

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I think we are losing money on mis-managed inventory

If you think you are losing money on misplaced and mismanaged inventory, you probably are. And it's likely more than you think. Lucky for you, the solution is simple and it's easy to put in place. Most fire departments are up and running with StationStok™ just weeks after implementation and save over $4K in the first year. That's a 4x return on your investment in StationStok™

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Restocking our station always causes our numbers to be off...

You need to restock your rig, log what you take and move on to the other hundred things you have to do today. There's a clipboard or spreadsheet or some kind of system, but inevitably the station inventory will be off. Every time the station inventory is off that means you risk not having what you need and someone has a couple hours of work to get it right again.

StationStok™ solves three of these problems with one simple process. The rig restock in StationStok™ allows you to launch your scanner, scan the item you need, enter the quantity, and repeat until done. The system then automatically pulls those items from the station, puts them on your rig and sends the items you need to order to the ordering manager. A rig restock takes about 2-4 minutes. Compare that to the time and stress your station spends on inventory.

Oh, and by the way, the station restock works exactly the same way as the rig restock. So, it's easy to do, it's always the same and everyone can get on the same page.

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